1988 Seoul Closing Ceremony Music List

Musical Compositions for the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

‘Friendship’ – Composed by Kim Chung-gil

National Anthems of Greece and Spain

Ojak Bridge
‘Sound and Light’ – Composed by Lee Ching-gu
‘Parting Ships’ – Composed by Yi Zong-gu
Pansori, a narrative Korean folk song. Performed by Kim So-hee and eight other famous Korean singers.

Official Ceremony
The Olympic Hymn – Composed by Spyros Samaras
‘Harmony’ – Composed by Kang Suk-hee

‘Prayer’ – Composed by Lee Saeng-gang

‘Farewell’ – Composed by Choi Chang-kwon


One Response to “1988 Seoul Closing Ceremony Music List”

  1. Please, I am very interested to know which of these compositions above is that which was performed during the 1988 Seoul closing ceremony for the Barcelona 1992 handover. It is a catalunian song that dancers performed a sardana. Would you please inform the name of that composition?

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