1988 Seoul Opening Ceremony Music List

Musical Compositions for the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Greeting the Sun
‘Han River Parade’ – Composed by Kim Hee-jo
‘Passage at Dawn’ – Composed by Park Bum-hoon
‘Dragon Drum Procession’ – Composed by Kang Jun-il
‘Heaven, Earth and Man’ – Composed by Choi Dong-sun
‘The Light of Genesis’ – Composed by Choi Dong-sun

Official Ceremony
‘Olympic Fanfare’ – Composed by Kim Chung-gil
‘Welcome’ – Composed by Kim Hee-jo
Entrance of the Olympic Flag was greeted by the traditional music of the ancient Korean military band, Chuitadae. Conducted by Lee Song-yol
‘The Fire of Prometheus’ – Composed by Kang Suk-hee
‘National Anthem of Korea’ – Composed by Ahn Ik-Tae

A Great Day
‘Prayer of Blessing and Cha-il Dance’ – Composed by Kim Hee-jo
‘Hwagwan Dance’ – Composed by Kim Hee-jo
‘Korea: Symphonic Fantasia’ – Composed by Ahn Ik-Tae
‘Chaos’ – Composed by Kim Chung-gil
‘Beyond All Barriers’ – Composed by Hwang Byong-ki
‘New Sprouts’ – Composed by Lee Kyon-yong
‘Hand in Hand’ – Written by Giovanni Moroder, performed by Koreana


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