1994 Lillehammer Closing Ceremony Music List

Musical Compositions of the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

‘Nudua’, composed by Frode Thingnaes
‘Valdresmarsjen’, a traditional Norwegian march composed by Johannes Hansen
music from the Brazz Bros.
music from Tre Brukken Bruse
‘Olympia’, composed by Dag Kolsrud

‘Nordic Light’, composed by Rolf Wallin
‘Magma’, composed by Arne Nordheim

‘Ja vi elsker’,composed by R Nordraak/B Bjornson
National Anthems of Greece and Japan
‘OL- Fanfare’, composed by Nils Henrik Asheim
‘Hymne Olympique’, performed by Sissel Kyrkjebø
‘Lux illuxit’, composed by Arne Nordheim

‘Shinano Oiwake’, traditional Japanese folk music of the Nagano Prefecture
‘Piano Concerto in A minor Op. 16 – III Allegro moderato molto e marcato’, composed by Edvard Grieg


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